Rev. Springer's Sonshine Flyer Article


Hello Friends,


What a strange turn of events, to be back doing ministry with you after 24 years! I was your pastor here at CCU for 6 ½ years from 1988-1994. I loved being with you, and I know I will love it, and you, again this time.


Some of you I remember. Sometimes I remember a name but not a face, or a face but not a name. And some of you I have never met, and I look forward to getting to know you. Be patient with me as I learn your names.


Though I am excited to be here, the reason that I’m here is painful. I’m here because Dean is not. It is clear that he was a very good pastor to you, and that you loved him. The church has flourished during his ministry. I know you are grieving his death. I did not know Dean, so I will want you to tell me about him. And we will have some opportunities to heal from your hurt and to give thanks for him and his ministry with you.


As an interim pastor, I will not be here long-term, but for the time we have together, I will not only serve you in the usual ways , but I will also lead you in some of the traditional tasks of the interim period, healing and celebrating your past and moving with confidence into your future.


We have agreed that I am serving half time. That means I will not be doing everything that needs to be done. You can help me set priorities. I invite you to call or email me whenever you need to. And I thank you for helping me as I work with limited mobility, caused by injury to a ligament in my knee. It is healing, but slowly.


This is a time of both happiness and heartache. God is in our midst, leading us forward. I am excited by and impressed with the healthy and faithful and vibrant community that you are, and I am so glad to be with you once again.


God bless each of you.



Rev. Janice Springer




“May you live in interesting times.” So goes a familiar saying, and whether it is a blessing or a curse to live in interesting times….well, the jury is still out on that one.

Because of the huge surge in CoVid cases here in Iowa, our Administrative Board has voted to suspend in-person worship for a while, beginning this Sunday. I believe we must do that, and I support that decision, though I know it was a very hard one. Iowa is one of the top hot spots for CoVid-19, not just nationally but globally. Gov. Reynolds has issued more restrictions. Both of our denominations strongly urge their churches not to meet in person. So we return this week to on-line worship.

I strongly support that decision, but that doesn’t mean I like it. Speaking to a screen is not fun for me.. And to make it worse, this is my last Sunday with you. I will end my ministry with you without our sharing smiles or kind words or memories (not to mention hugs). Sunday is Thanksgiving Sunday, and the service will be built around these two years we have ministered together. There will be words of thanks and of blessing. But though I can offer my good-byes and my blessings to you during the service, you cannot respond to me. That’s why I invite you, if you wish, to write or email me (contact information below).

Even as I write this, an email from one of you just came in. You wrote, “We will not treat this as goodbye, but instead see you later.” That brought tears to my eyes, and a renewed strength to my spirit. CoVid -19 has turned our world upside down; we can’t expect to be immune from the unwanted changes it brings. This is hard for all of us, in so many ways, but friends, we can do hard.

Within our congregation there are different opinions about issues related to the corona virus. That doesn’t surprise me. What I pray as I leave you is that you will live peacefully and respectfully amid those differences. Our nation is suffering from so much divisiveness these days, but we live by a different standard. We are committed to love. Please don’t forget that.

I have lots of loving things to say to you, and I’ll do that Sunday. Here I just want to tell you of this change and urge you to join us for worship at 10:15 am, or tune in later via our website, Facebook or YouTube. Next week begins the season of Advent, and you will be welcoming Pastor Vicki. Know that I will be holding you in my heart and my prayers. God bless you.


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  January 2021  
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